Apple Pruning Simplified – English Edition



Chapter One
Why Prune
To train the tree
as we want it
W hat are our expectations from our orchard?
What will be our tree’s canopy?
How much fruit per tree shall be produced?
How much space does each plant have?
These are some basic questions that every grower must
ask to himself when deciding to plant a new orchard or
even a single apple tree. When we plant our orchards, we
must think about these things in advance, so that we can
train our trees as per our own requirements. Answers to
these questions will help every grower as he or she moves
forward to planting and managing an orchard. Answers to
these questions will make orchard management easy and
more profitable. Of course main consideration should be
given to the average height of the tree. Some people might
think otherwise but Training and Pruning systems are the
only tools by which a grower can achieve his or her goals
in horticulture management.


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