Mite Investigator


MI or Mite investigator (Mobile only) is a tool that can help you keep watch on mite population in your orchard


MI will require permission to use Your phone camera.

How to use MI (mite investigator)

Step one
Prepare your Leaf(s) for inspection and Open MI and Click on START CAMERA.
Step Two
Slide to zoom your camera feed .
Step Three
If you think your have noticed something moving on your leaf that can be mite, Focus on the thing and click TAKE PHOTO .
Step Four
Study the image . Click on DOWNLOAD button to download the data and share it with Talk Apple Connect Community for more feedback

How Mite Looks under the lens

Mite look different at different time of season .
* This is how Mite looks in late season .
Click to Watch

Open Mite Investigator