Role of Zinc

Role of zinc
Aids plant growth hormones and enzyme systems.

Helps in seed formation.

Necessary for protein synthesis and membrane function.

Influences plant hormone proteins, for example auxin development, especially IAA.

Active in chlorophyll synthe

Zinc discussed on TalkApple in earlier posts??????

Zinc is a secondary/macro nutrient in apple, required in very small quantities. However low levels of zinc may certainly effect apple yield.


It is very important as it plays role in several plant enzyme activation


Zinc directly relates with auxin secretion (IAA) which is directly involved in shoot elongation


Heavy Nitrogen and Phosphorus levels can reduce zinc uptake to the trees.


In zinc deficiency shoots have small internodes.


Little nd bunch of leaves with small internodes are main symptoms of zinc deficiency


Zinc helps in bud development and can be applied foliar even in dormancy, by applying zinc sulphate @1-2 kg per drum


High carbon soils or alkaline soils may cause zinc deficiency.


Also it's immobile within the plant


Zinc deficiency may result in poor health of spurs


Basal application of mycorhyzae has been found effective in zinc uptake


Poor zinc supply may reduce the size of basal leaves of the buds which result in small sized fruit


Zinc sulphate spray should be avoided in summers as it can damage the foliage due to its caustic action


In severe deficiency zinc sulphate can also be mixed with oil nd can be sprayed in dormancy


You can mix zinc sulphate but should be done in Dormancy , January February


If it's done at foliage it's caustic action Burns the foliage

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