G.H.G. Soil Healer Bio Compost

G.H.G. Soil Healer Bio Compost


In recent years it has been a well-established fact that our orchard soils have depleted severely in carbonic contents. Due to previously promoted clean cultivation and lowering trend of animal husbandry in parts of Himachal the availability and use of F.Y.M. has also decreased. During past few years we have felt a strong need of economically viable F.Y.M. product that can replenish our soil and also do not burden our pockets. While reviewing many of the F.Y.M. and related products, we also came across G.H.G. Soil Healer Bio Compost.
The product is marketed here in Himachal by Vaibhav Chauhan who belongs from Kiari, Kotkhai, an age old and well known apple production hub. Being born in an orchardist family, Vaibhav seems to have good sense of horticulture specific needs and because of his higher education times in Canada, he is aware of western trends as well. Vaibhav has worked closely with Mr. Pankaj Negi since 2016. And after four long years of testing various other F.Y.M. products, he believes that he has got a product that is economically affordable and also fully serves the purpose of soil carbon replenishment.
The product is a processed F.Y.M. made from cow dung and cow urine . Processing of F.Y.M. make sure that any unwanted weeds and virus does not get spread into our horticulture regions. This unwanted and not native weed spread seems to have very big issue when we bring in raw cow dung from other states. These types of weed spread have been a serious issue previously. Also other issue with raw cow dung was high moisture content which inflates the actual weight of the any given raw F.Y.M. The product is promising 20% of moisture retention at the time of packing which is lesser than the commercial grade of 35 to 40% which benefits growers because less moisture content means more organic matter per kg for the farm use. The processing of the F.Y.M. are done by two processes, which include natural processing by micro-organism in an air tight chamber and then drying of the pre-processed F.Y.M. by natural sun light . This ensures the complete reduction of any unwanted weed seeds and harmful viruses. The product is also promising to have no added extra impurities of hay and sand particles.
The introductory price of Rs 6 per kg or 300 per 50 kg bag F.O.R. Kotkhai and equidistant areas seems to be fair as raw unprocessed cow dung with harmful weed seeds and possibility of virus are also reaching to farmers at the least cost of Rs 4 per kg.
The use of F.Y.M. is to provide food and suitable environment to earth worms so that they can multiply easily in number and in return improve the soil structure and carbon nitrogen ratio of our orchard soil .This product seems to be doing the said job and multiplication of earth worms and improvement in soil structure during its strict trails at the home orchard of Mr. Pankaj Negi Ji .This product is not blended with any said extra microorganism and should not be confused with Vermi compost.
The F.Y.M. has more potential of earth worm multiplication and movement with in soil because it provide more food to earth worms in comparison with Vermi Compost which is already chewed up by earth worms during its making and provide only the last of the benefits of a complete earth worm cycle.

Also this product is unblended and does not claim any unnatural claims like curing root rot, rot borer etc. which are often used as one time marketing sale strategy.
Also product does not escalate pricing by using extra micro-organisms like Mycorrhyzae, Pseudomonas etc. which because of the timing of F.Y.M. introduction in our orchard often end up not benefiting us.

The product delivery is promised to be direct from source to fields and does not involve stocking.
For more information Grower can directly have discussions with Vaibahv Chauhan by any means stated below.


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