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Monthly Recommendation For Horticulture Kashmir 

Dir. of Horticulture Kashmir

Original Source : http://hortikashmir.gov.in/


1. Spraying against scab /alternaria to continue.
2. Spraying against fungal disease as mentioned in the month of May and          June to continue.
3. If required irrigate nursery stocks before budding and to orchard areas.
4. Budding of Nursery stocks of all fruit plants to continue.
5. Spray against sanjose-scale if needed.
6. Burlapping for Hairy caterpillar to continue.
7. Stone extraction of wild apricot and peach.
8. Hoeing and application of N fertilizers to nursery stocks to be completed.
9. Harvesting of late varieties of stone fruits and early varieties of pome fruits.
10. Wornout mulching to be replaced.
11. Summer purning of grapes.
12. Do not conduct sprays during high temperatures. Sprays can be            conducted during morning /evening hours.
13. Stop sprayinging fruits 25 days before harvest.
14. Improve orchard sanitation.
15. Spray against fruit borer in pomegranate.
16. Monitor the population of Red mite on apple crop and spray with Acaricide/Summer oil if needed.


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