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Monthly Recommendation For Horticulture Kashmir 

Dir. of Horticulture Kashmir

Original Source : http://hortikashmir.gov.in/


1. Spraying against scab /alternaria to be continued.

2. Spraying against powdery mildew, leafspot, short hole,
almond blight.

3. Spraying against Ist generation of sanjose –scale crawlers,
apple moth, Hairycaterpiller, chaffer-Beetle, Anarbutterfly.

4. Continue burlapping.

5. Staking of fruits laden branches.

6. Harvesting of stone fruits to continue.

7. Stone extraction of wild apricot and peach.

8. Start budding of stone fruit plants by 3rd week.

9. Clipping of powdery mildew effected twigs /leaves.

10. Removal of off Shoots /water sprouts to continue.

11. Apply nitrogenous fertilizer dose to nursery saplings
well before budding.

12. Untieing of top worked trees/grafted material.

13. Spray against grape Anthracnose disease.

14. Irrigate new plantations.

15. Apply (N) to orchard areas if not done so far.

16. Make necessary arrangements for budwood material.

17. Irrigate nursery stocks after hoeing and weeding.

18. Earthing up of stocks grafted this year.

19. White washing of trees trunks if not done earlier
especially in stone fruits to avoid sunburn and gummosis if
not done earlier.

20. Mulching of fruit trees especially those grown under
rainfed conditions for moisture conservation




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