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Monthly Recommendation For Kashmir 

Dir. of Horticulture Kashmir

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  • Spray against scab as per spray schedule.


  •  Spray against powdery mildew, leaf spot, shot hole leaf
    curl and blight.


  •  Hoeing of nursery plants, removal of off-shoots to be


  •  White wash tree trunks with lime+copper sulphate where


  •  Treatment against Hairy caterpillar, wooly aphis, Green
    aphis, leaf roller.


  •  Burlapping against Hairy caterpillar.


  •  Mulching to be done wherever needed.


  •  Irrigate the orchards if need felt.


  •  Apply 2nd doze of (N) fertilizer by last week of month.


  •  Harvest ready stone fruits.


  •  Spray against Anthracnose disease of grapes.


  •  Sowing of green manuring crop.


  •  Irrigate the new plantings.


  •  Apply nitrogenous fertilizers to nursery stocks.


  •  To control pinhole / shoot hole borer, plaster the tree
    (Trunks, stems) with Mixture of carbryl 10% and clay in
    the ratio of 1:6.




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