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M.7 is a semi-dwarfing apple rootstock producing 50-60% of standard apple tree. It belongs to Malling series which was developed at the East Malling Station England. It is about 5-10% larger than M.26 and twice the size of M.9 rootstock. It has a reasonable anchorage and may require some support. An Apple tree on M.7 starts bearing in 3-4 years and reaches a height of 13-16 feet at maturity.


  • Tree size of standard on NON SPUR 55-65%
  • Tree size of standard on SPUR          45-55%
  • Anchorage                                          FAIR
  • Root Suckering                                   HIGH
  • Fruit-Bearing Age                               3-4 YRS.
  • Precocity                                             EARLY
  • Distance between trees NON SPUR   12-15 FEET
  • Distance between trees SPUR TYPE  7-10 FEET
  • Resistance to Collar Rot                      MEDIUM
  • Resistance to Burr Knot                      HIGH
  • Resistance to Wooly Aphid                 LOW
  • Support required                                 IT MAY REQUIRE



M.7 gives a tree larger than M.26 and smaller than MM.106 rootstock. It produces semi dwarf trees about 50-60% of seedling tree. M.7 is a popular rootstock in the commercial industry due to its 50-60% of standard tree and does well on most of the soils. It has excellent winter Hardiness. Apple trees raised on this rootstock may require support in its early years. It should be planted in well drained soil and requires adequate moisture through summer.  However it is tolerant to drought like conditions, but may require irrigation if continued drought follows. It has moderate resistance to Collar Rot and very low resistance to Wooly Aphid. M.7 is susceptible to suckering. It should be planted deep and grafted/budded high from the soil surface to improve anchorage and reduce the tendency to produce root suckers. M.7 has the good ability of producing plants in stool-bed and produces fruit of adequate size but not as large as M.9.

  At Rohanda in District Mandi of Himachal Pradesh there is an apple orchard raised on M.7 rootstock. This orchard was established in 1972. The plants in this orchard are doing well and plants still looks young. It is semi-dwarf rootstock so both spur and non spur apple varieties can be raised on this stock. If there is a problem of Wooly Aphid it should not be chosen as it is slightly susceptible to Wooly Apple Aphid.






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