What is Grafting?

Grafting can be defined as a horticultural technique to join parts of two or more plants so that they grow as a single plant. In process of grafting the upper part is known as scion, and the lower part which forms the root system is known as seedling or rootstock. Grafting can also be used for topworking an established tree to one or more different varieties. It is a difficult task and requires lots of practice.

Why is grafting important?

The seed from a golden apple will produce an apple tree, but the tree produced will not be golden apple tree. Similarly the seed taken from royal delicious will not produce the royal apple tree. So it is impossible to reproduce tree to its original variety from seed. The only way is grafting. Grafting is important because it’s the only way to propagate the apple varieties.


Selection of Scion Wood

  • Scion wood should be collected in winters,
  • Scion wood should be taken from healthy and virus free plants,
  • Scion wood should be taken from last years growth,
  • Scion wood should be ¼  to ½ inches in diameter,
  • Scion wood should have pump buds,








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