MM106 (MALLING-MERTON 106) ROOTSTOCK (हिन्दी में)   INTRODUCTION MM106 root-stock is the most popular root-stock in its category. It is a semi dwarf rootstock, slightly larger than Malling 7. It was released from East Malling and Merton research stations England. An Apple tree propagated on this root stock is well anchored and starts bearing fruits […]



M.7 (MALLING 7) APPLE ROOTSTOCK (हिन्दी में)   INTRODUCTION M.7 is a semi-dwarfing apple rootstock producing 50-60% of standard apple tree. It belongs to Malling series which was developed at the East Malling Station England. It is about 5-10% larger than M.26 and twice the size of M.9 rootstock. It has a reasonable anchorage and […]


M.9 (Malling 9) Apple Rootstock (हिन्दी में)   INTRODUCTION Rootstocks are generally used to control the size of the tree, so that apple trees can be grown in a smaller area. They also have pest resisting abilities. M.9 was released from East Malling Research Station, England and is the most dwarfing rootstock used commercially for […]


APPLE ROOTSTOCKS   INTRODUCTION If we plant a seed from a good apple the tree it produces will bear apples, which may be much different from the tree whose seeds were sown. So to produce an identical tree the only method is grafting or budding. In these processes scion/bud is taken from a tree to […]