GREEN FRUIT WORMS  INTRODUCTION The green fruit worm (helicoverpa) is the most common of several green fruit worm pests occurring in commercial orchards of Himachal Pradesh. The fruit worms are the larvae of different moth species. These larvae are the pests of apple fruit present as green caterpillars. The larvae feed on fruit trees including […]


BLOSSOM THRIPS (हिन्दी मे)   DESCRIPTION OF THE PESTS Blossom thrips adults are minute insects, about 0.03 inch long, with two pairs of wings. The flower thrips are widely distributed throughout the districts of Himachal Pradesh. Thrips are generally 1mm to 1.5mm long and pale yellow, black or brown in color. Thrips are small, slender […]

Apple Canker


CANKER (NEONECTRIA GALLIGENA)     DESCRIPTION Apple Canker is a disease caused by a fungus, Neonectria Galligena which does damage by attacking the bark of apples and some other trees causing huge losses through girdling of branches, resulting in death of the plants. If it is not checked in time, it can affect every branches […]

apple scab

APPLE SCAB  DESCRIPTION Apple scab is a disease of apple trees caused by fungus Venturia Inaequalis. In world apple scab is the most economically destructive disease. It is most serious in areas that have cool, wet weather during the spring and may not be economically important in warm or dry climates. The disease can result […]


Sanjose Scale in Apples (हिंदी में)   Sanjose Scale is one of the pest of the apple tree and also appears on fruit too. It is also a major pest of peach and pear tree. It has widely spread through the areas of Himachal Pradesh. It is a unique appearing insect and indirect pest of […]