ms blotch 2

MARSSONINA BLOTCH   DESCRIPTION Marssonina Blotch disease is caused by Marssonina Coronaria. It is one of the most serious disease of apple in India. All the commercial varieties of apple are susceptible to this disease. The main damage caused by Marssonina Blotch is premature defoliation of apple trees with fruit still hanging on the tree. […]


ALTERNARIA BLOTCH  DESCRIPTION Alternaria Blotch has been a serious problem in the orchards of Himachal Pradesh. Alternaria leaf blotch is a fungal disease which attacks leaves of apple trees, causing lesions to form on the leaves during late spring or early summer. Alternaria infections begin with small, dark, circular spots which are about ½ inch […]


POWDERY MILDEW  DESCRIPTION Powdery Mildew is a serious fungus affecting major apple growing regions of the world, especially serious in nursery production. Powdery mildew is caused by the fungus Podosphaera leucotricha, which affects leaves, buds, shoots and fruits. The fungus produces a white powdery on terminal growth and developing fruit.  It reduces growth of the […]

Apple Canker


CANKER (NEONECTRIA GALLIGENA)     DESCRIPTION Apple Canker is a disease caused by a fungus, Neonectria Galligena which does damage by attacking the bark of apples and some other trees causing huge losses through girdling of branches, resulting in death of the plants. If it is not checked in time, it can affect every branches […]

apple scab

APPLE SCAB  DESCRIPTION Apple scab is a disease of apple trees caused by fungus Venturia Inaequalis. In world apple scab is the most economically destructive disease. It is most serious in areas that have cool, wet weather during the spring and may not be economically important in warm or dry climates. The disease can result […]