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MARSSONINA BLOTCH   DESCRIPTION Marssonina Blotch disease is caused by Marssonina Coronaria. It is one of the most serious disease of apple in India. All the commercial varieties of apple are susceptible to this disease. The main damage caused by Marssonina Blotch is premature defoliation of apple trees with fruit still hanging on the tree. […]


PRIONUS APPLE ROOT BORER (हिन्दी)  INTRODUCTION This is a very large beetle and very common in apple orchards of Himachal Pradesh. This beetle does not attack above ground; it feeds on the roots of the apple tree. Severe infestation of this borer can cause the death of the tree. It is a root boring insect […]


FLAT HEADED APPLE TREE BORER   INTRODUCTION The flat headed apple tree borer is one of the serious pests of apple tree. It has many hosts and causes major problems in commercial nurseries. These borers generally attack plants which are under stress or weakened. They are very dangerous as a single larva can kill a […]


APPLE TREE BORER   Introduction Apple Root Borers feed on the wood of trees, affect fruit trees including apples, cherries, peaches, pears and plums. Several species of insects bore into apple trees, including roundheaded apple tree borer, flatheaded apple-tree borer, and broad-necked root borer. It attacks healthy young trees, boring into trunks and often causing […]


APPLE CURCULIO   INTRODUCTION The apple curculio is very small insect feeding on the fruit of apple tree. The apple curculio is brown in color but appears black when seen by naked eye. They emerge in April into orchards where they starts mating.  Egg laying starts from April till mid June. The larva stays in […]


ALTERNARIA BLOTCH  DESCRIPTION Alternaria Blotch has been a serious problem in the orchards of Himachal Pradesh. Alternaria leaf blotch is a fungal disease which attacks leaves of apple trees, causing lesions to form on the leaves during late spring or early summer. Alternaria infections begin with small, dark, circular spots which are about ½ inch […]


EUROPEAN RED MITE (हिंदी)    DESCRIPTION It is a major fruit tree pest which attacks apples, pears and other stone fruits in Himachal Pradesh. The females are long and have eight legs. They are about 1/64 inch long and bright red in color. Males are smaller and lighter in color and have pointed abdomens. In […]


WOOLY APPLE APHID   WOOLY APPLE APHIDS are type of sucking pests that live on apple tree and its roots fed by the tree sap. They can be generally seen on the branches of the apple trees, pruned wounds, and cracks on the barks of the apple tree. They can be easily identified as it […]


APPLE CODLING MOTH   INTRODUCTION The adults of apple codling moth are about half to one inch long. The larvae are white to light pink with a dark brown head. Codling moth overwinters as larvae under bark and in soil or debris around the base of tree. The larva pupates in early spring and emerges […]


POWDERY MILDEW  DESCRIPTION Powdery Mildew is a serious fungus affecting major apple growing regions of the world, especially serious in nursery production. Powdery mildew is caused by the fungus Podosphaera leucotricha, which affects leaves, buds, shoots and fruits. The fungus produces a white powdery on terminal growth and developing fruit.  It reduces growth of the […]