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Most of the population of hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh has been practically engaged, more or less every year, in the propagation of apple-trees and the management of orchards. As there is no little manual on “Apple Orchards” in all our agricultural and pomological literature which a beginner may study as a reliable guide in every branch of apple culture, this website is as step to benefit apple growing community of Himachal Pradesh by providing content. Every beginner will always encounter certain difficulties in the production and management of apple orchards and he must necessarily learn how to overcome them in a reliable and satisfactory manner. The aim of the website, therefore, has been to supply inquiring beginners with the fundamental knowledge which one must possess before he can proceed satisfactorily in the cultivation of apples There are many thousands of young men in all hilly parts of the Himachal Pradesh who need the aid that such a practical treatise on the apple will furnish. The website has endeavored to present every subject in such a manner that a beginner will be able to perceive and to appreciate what should be done, as well as what is not allowable. The objective of the website is to encourage beginners to plant an orchard early in life, and to manage the trees in such a manner that they will never lack a liberal supply of good apples.

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