What is branch Collar?

The collar of a branch is a point where the branch joins the trunk or the other branch. A branch collar usually appears as swollen area near the base of the branch.  The collar is in the form of wrinkles as shown in the picture.



What is collar method of pruning?

This method of pruning helps in speedy recovery of the wound. It is a method of pruning in which the branch collar is left behind on the main stem, instead of removing the whole branch. The cut made close to the stem leaves behind a wound more in diameter (oval shaped) which is much harder to heal, than cut made close to the collar.


How to remove large branches?

A 3-cut technique is used to remove large branches in order to prevent the weight of the branch from tearing the bark below the cut.

Firstly,undercut the branch about 15 inches from the trunk. This undercut should me made 1/3 of the branch diameter.

Secondly, saw from the top, outside the first cut and remove the branch.

Finally, make the final cut just outside the branch collar to remove the stub.

Note; do not cut into the branch collar, as it will make tree susceptible to disease and decay.




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