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It is a new and improved Red Delicious apple variety. Jeromine is mutant of Early Red One. The tree is extremely productive bearing apple with full uniform bright red color. It is a standard form of tree with a medium vigor. It blooms 2-3 days earlier than golden delicious. It bears good sized fruit with blushed type intense red color at harvest.


  • Mutant of EARLY RED ONE
  • Bloom date: 3 days before Golden Delicious
  • Fruit size: 70-85mm
  • Vigor: Strong
  • Growth is weak to average
  • Pollinated by Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji
  • Fruit shape is oblong – ball shaped
  • Fruit size is medium – large
  • It has blushed type red color
  • Fruit has prominent lenticels
  • Fruit is firm, crispy and juicy
  • It has good storage ability





The tree has a strong vigor with upright branches. It is not a spur type tree. The growth of the tree is weak to average, so a moderate rootstock is recommended. Jeromine is suitable for lower elevations of the state where color is a problem. It gets pollinated by Gala, Granny Smith and Fuji. The tree is highly productive with excellent fruit size and color. It is sometimes susceptible to Alternate bearing, Scab and Canker.


It produces high quality fruit with intense blushed red color. Fruit is fully covered with red color at harvest. The shape of the fruit is oblong to ball shaped, if compared to Super Chief the fruit is not as much typy. The fruit starts coloring from walnut stage and can be harvested early. The fruit of Jeromine has prominent lenticles, with firm and white flesh. It is sweet, crispy and juicy.


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