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MM106 root-stock is the most popular root-stock in its category. It is a semi dwarf rootstock, slightly larger than Malling 7. It was released from East Malling and Merton research stations England. An Apple tree propagated on this root stock is well anchored and starts bearing fruits in 3-4 years. It grows well and reaches a final height of 10-15 feet, which depends on the cultivar used.


  • Tree size of standard on Non-Spur    80%
  • Tree size of standard on Spur type    70%
  • Anchorage                                          Excellent
  • Root Suckering                                   Low
  • Fruit-Bearing Age                               3-4 years
  • Precocity                                             Precocious
  • Distance between trees Non Spur      14-16 feet
  • Distance between trees Spur type      10-12 feet
  • Resistance to Collar Rot                     Very Low
  • Resistance to Burr Knot                     Medium
  • Resistance to Wooly Aphid                Medium
  • Support Required                                NO


MM 106 root-stock is a semi dwarf rootstock and produce a tree about 60% of the tree produced on seedling. It produces well anchored trees and does not require any permanent support. This root stock is slightly susceptible to collar rot, so it should be planted in well drained soil and should be avoided in replant sites where orchard failure occurred due to collar rot. It should be planted in areas prone to Wooly Apple Aphid, because it is resistant to this pest. It is quite precocious and unlike M.7 it does not produce many suckers. It is very productive in stool bed and produces a tree ready for grafting/budding in its first year.



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