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Super Chief like Scarlet Spur also belongs to Red Delicious, but differs in color type. Super Chief was discovered by Charles Ray Sandidge in Washington State of USA. It is a “sport” of Red Chief and gets earlier coloration than its parent by 18 days! Super Chief is sometimes resembled with Scarlet Spur, but the difference is in their color type: Scarlet Spur has blushed red color while Super Chief has a stripped color pattern.


  • Mutation of Red Chief
  • Mid-Early Bloom
  • Fruit Size 65-85 mm
  • Typical spur type tree
  • It also helps in pollination
  • Growth is weak to very weak
  • Less vigor than Red Chief
  • Pollinated by Granny Smith, Gala, Golden Delicious and Fuji
  • Elongated fruit with prominent calyx lobes
  • Intense red color with stripes
  • Fruit flesh is white, firm, crispy and juicy
  • Good storage quality


The tree is straight and small in size. It is typical spur type and is very productive tree, which starts emitting spurs in its early growing stage. It finds its suitability in lower hills of Himachal Pradesh with an altitude range of 5000-7000 feet a.m.s.l. The growth of the tree is very weak and starts bearing fruit in early stages which reduces the size of the tree. It is recommended to choose a strong root stock and one should not take fruit in its juvenile phase. It gets pollinated by Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala and Fuji. Super Chief itself is also a good pollinator. Fruit-set is sometimes difficult and is susceptible to alternate bearing, apple scab and apple canker.




It bears good sized fruit, with intense red color and elongated fruit shape. The fruit size is excellent, but sometimes fruit may be small due to excess fruit on the tree. So it is recommended to thin excess fruit in order to get desired fruit size at harvest. The best thing is its fruit shape, which is elongated with developed five outshoots on the lower part. There is huge demand of elongated apple in market which is fulfilled by this cultivar. Although it is mutation of Red Chief and ripens with it, but the color is much better than its parent. Its premature coloring helps in earlier harvesting. The flesh of the fruit is white, crispy and juicy with high sugar content. The fruit is a commercially marketable apple of best quality and is an excellent keeper.

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